and it’s the summer so…… | a summer vibes mixtape - bump this while you’re working on your tan laying by the pool and sipping a sex on the beach

  1. she moves in her own way//the kooks
  2. soulless//fake problems
  3. kilojoules//freelance whales
  4. good ol’ fashioned nightmare//matt & kim
  5. let’s go get stoned//sublime
  6. tongue tied//grouplove
  7. trippin’ down the freeway//weezer
  8. walking the dog//fun.
  9. up up & away (the wake & bake song)//kid cudi
  10. fences//phoenix
  11. la la lie//jack’s mannequin
  12. all of this//the naked & famous
  13. dog eared summer//brite futures
  14. blurred lines//robin thicke ft. t.i., pharrell
  15. analog 2//odd future ft. tyler, the creator, frank ocean, syd tha kyd
  16. swimming pools (drank) (extended version)//kendrick lamar

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